Auditions for our new show Le Bal are closed

It is no longer possible to apply for the auditions.

Le Bal is a music theater show where the ballroom is the main character. In this ballroom people come together looking for love, companionship and fun. They dance, flirt, fight and get bored. They come and they go. The years go by, but the ballroom remains to exist and transforms to the new time. Le Bal covers a period of 100 years: the performance starts around 1918, at the eve of the roaring twenties, when the women’s suffrage has not been introduced yet, and Europe is restless. Le Bal swirls from that moment through time, through the years and decades, until the here and now.

Le Bal is inspired on the movie by Ettore Scola from 1983. The music will be performed live on stage by the band Alamo Race Track. Rehearsals will be in Amsterdam from december 2018. Opening night will be on 22 March 2019 in theater De Meervaart. Tour is planned till June.