Actors Horror & Lebensraum

Luc van Esch
Luc van Esch(1969)
Luc van Esch was born in 1969 and graduatedfrom the Mime department at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 1996. He went on to work professionally with Els Inc., Aya dance theatre company, Erik Whien, Keren Cytter, Jochen Stechmann, Danielle van Vree and many others.
Luc produced his own work through his theatre company Ubbergen until 2008, when he graduated from the DasArts advanced theatre and performance studies course. In addition to his work as a performer, he is a freelance director. Luc previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Lost, Bug, Het Leven een Gebruiksaanwijzing and Innenschau|Revisited; he is currently appearing in Horror.
Yannick Greweldinger
Yannick Greweldinger(1988)
Yannick Greweldinger was born in 1988 and graduated in 2011 from the Mime department at Amsterdam School of the Arts. He has performed in plays by Ivana Muller, Oystein Johansen and others. He also directs his own shows as part of Mimetheatergroep Botlek ,together with Dwayne Toemere. Yannick previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Innenschau, Hoffmann (at the Deutsche Oper) and Lebensraum; he is currently appearing in Horror.
Silke Hundertmark
Silke Hundertmark(1973)
Silke Hundertmark was born in 1973 and graduated in Modern Theatre Dance in Amsterdam in 1998. She started working intensively with Jakop Ahlbom after graduating. She also works with various choreographers in the Netherlands and Germany, including Antje Pfundtner and Andrew Morrish, and regularly performs for artist-puppeteer Ulrike Quade. Silke previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Stella Maris, Lost, Nur zur Erinnerung, Vielfalt, Innenschau and Lebensraum; she is currently appearing in Horror. For her role as the doll in Lebensraum she was nominated for the prestigious Colombina award for the best female supporting role in the 2011-2012 theatre season.
Judith Hazeleger
Judith Hazeleger (1982)
Judith Hazeleger was born in 1982 and graduated in 2010 from the Mime department at the Theaterschool in Amsterdam. She is currently appearing in Antigone by Ulrike Quade and Nicole Beutler, in which she and Koen Kreulen form a mime duo. Judith also directs and performs her own solo work for various locations and festivals. In addition to her theatre work, she has appeared in films directed by Bobbie Koek (Equilibrium Sepsis), Lisette Olsthoorn (in ontwikkeling) and Felix van Cleeff (Black Dog). Judith previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Vielfalt, Innenschau and Het leven een Gebruiksaanwijzing; she is currently appearing in Horror.
Sofieke de Kater
Sofieke de Kater(1982)
Sofieke de Kater was born in 1982 and graduated in 2009 from the Toneelschool en Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam. Her acting credits include work for Toneelgroep De Appel, Huis van Bourgondië and Stichting Nieuwe Helden. Sofieke previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Vielfalt, Het Leven Een Gebruiksaanwijzing and Bug; she is currently appearing in Horror.
Gwen Langenberg
Gwen Langenberg (1976)
Gwen Langenberg was born in 1976 and graduated as a dancer at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 1998. She has since worked in film, dance theatre and dance theatre for young audiences. She has worked for Theatergroep Siberia, Compagnie Squeeze, Theatre Espace, Joop van den Ende, Suzy Blok, Saskia Bodeke and Peter Greenaway, Danstheater Aya and Cecilia Moisi. Gwen previously performed in Jakop Ahlbom’s Innenschau, Vielfalt, Het Leven Een Gebruiksaanwijzing and Hoffmann at the Deutsche Oper. She is currently appearing in Horror.
Maurits van den Berg
Maurits van den Berg(1983)
Maurits van den Berg graduated in 2007 as actor/director at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. He made and played the familyshow Dudes for Theatre company Beumer & Drost and won the national youth theatre prize the Silver Cricket for best production. He also played at NNT, Bonte Hond, The Toneelmakerij and NTjong. He and Rik van den Bos founded theatre-company Berg&Bos. In 2013 they made their first theatrical production Drive-in in collaboration with Bellevue Lunchtheater. In 2016 their second play for the stage, A coming of age for the Elderly, premiered which received raving reviews and a nomination for the national script-writing Award. In 2019 their new WW2-play will premiere entitled ‘In Peace’. Maurits is currently appearing in Horror.
Reinier Schimmel
Reinier Schimmel(1970)
Reinier Schimmel was born in 1970 and graduated in 1995 from the Expressionist Dance Theatre at the Tilburg Dance Academy. As a dancer he performed in work by choreographers Ismaël Ivo, Johann Kresnik, Ruby Edelman, Pia Meuthen, Piet Rogie and Suzy Blok. He also acted in several plays for Theatercompagnie directed by Theu Boermans. He played in several short movies, and had roles in multiple Dutch television series. In season 2011/2012 he played in the longest-running musical in The Netherlands: Soldaat Van Oranje.
Reinier started working with Jakop Ahlbom in 2006: previously he performed in Vielfalt, Bug, Hoffmann, Swanlake and Innenschau. He is currently appearing in Horror and Lebensraum.
Thomas van Ouwerkerk
Thomas van Ouwerkerk(1988)
Thomas van Ouwerkerk graduated the School of Acting in Utrecht (The Netherlands) in 2011 and did a short-term education at L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris. Over the years he followed his passion for physical and visual theater. Thomas is working as a physical actor and has been working with companies, such as Familie Flöz (DE), Abattoir Fermé (BE) and Theatre Hotel Courage (NL). In 2015 he performed in the reprise of ‘Monkey’ from Abattoir Fermé. At this moment (since June 2016) he is touring the world with the show ‘Teatro Delusio’ from Familie Flöz. Thomas performed in 2015 with ‘Horror’ and in 2017 with ‘Teatro Delusio’ at the London International Mime Festival. Additionally he is part of the collective ’Thomas, Sacha and Jos’, a trio of actors/theatremakers who are integrating storytelling with objects, visuals, music and acting. For Jakop Ahlbom Company he has performed in Het leven, een gebruiksaanwijzing en momenteel in Horror.
Andrea Beugger
Andrea Beugger(1967)
Andrea Beugger, born and raised in Switzerland, started dancing at the age of four. In 1993, Andrea graduated from the Rotterdam Academy of Arts. Her impressive resume lists working with Krisztina de Chatel, Hans Hof Ensemble, Karina Holla, Panama Pictures, Danstheater Aya, Vloeistof, Danstheater Telder, Bollwerk, Plan d-, Schweigman&, Dylan Newcomb, Tanzplan Ost, Peter Greeneway and many more. Through the years she did a large number of collaborations, worked as a choreographer for several productions, as a workshop leader, coach, dramaturge, plus she co-founded the Music-Theatre Company Pra. ‘Pra’ develops innovative dance and music projects with and for the elderly in collaboration with children and students of art schools. Andrea’s motto in life is: “Work as if you do not need the money, love as if you have never been hurt, dance as if no one is watching, sing as if no one listens and live as if heaven is on earth.” Andrea is currently appearing in Horror.


Judith Wendel
Judith Wendel(1966)
Judith Wendel studied Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is Jakop Ahlbom’s permanent dramaturge, and therefore works with him on performances and the talent program at Studio Jakop Ahlbom. She also works with other theatre directors and choreographers. As a dramaturg she creates and publishes texts about artists’ work. She also writes policy plans and publicity copy for a variety of artists. Judith teaches dramaturgy at the Scenography and is tutor at the DAS Theatre master Creative Producing, both at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Judith has sat on a variety of cultural commissions, and she also provides introductions for plays and moderates Q&A sessions.