Vielfalt fantastic ‘language no problem’ performance

After a number of years of predominantly only being performed abroad, Vielfalt is back in the Netherlands. Premièring in 2006, Vielfalt became a hit in the Dutch theatres, being performed more than eighty times, including at TF ’07 and ’08. Since 2008, it has been seen largely outside the Netherlands and is scheduled to tour Denmark and Belgium in 2011.

Vielfalt is what they call a ‘language no problem’ performance. The images do speak for them selves.
So it is a perfect night out for tourists, expats or companys who would like to take their foreign contacts for a night out in the theatre. Especially for them we can offer something special:
Mail, before the 7th of September
to with the following information:
Name – date and place you would like to see the performance – the amount of people you would like to bring – phone number.
We will contact you about our special offer: it depends on the size of the group and the town you would like to see the show what this offer will be!

VIELFALT information, playlist, video, pictures and press

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