Based on the book by Franz Kafka

The trial begins – without warning, without compassion. No charges are brought, and ordinary daily life goes on as before, but he is weighed down by the issue of guilt and an inescapable feeling of impotence. It sets him searching, ever deeper into the mechanism of a nonsensical legal machine that sustains a closed order and permeates all areas of life. Written by Kafka in 1915, The Trial was published posthumously. Although it is unfinished it is regarded as Kafka’s most important work.
The term ‘Kafkaesque’ generally refers to the absurd and hostile world of bureaucracy and control from which Josef K., the accused, cannot escape.


Director Jakop Ahlbom has taken his own, unique approach to the material, creating a theatrical style that combines pantomime, dance, music and illusionism. This multi-award-winning theatre maker moved in the 1990s from Sweden to the Netherlands, where he studied at Amsterdam’s Theaterschool. This is his first time directing at Mainz.

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Regie: Jakop Ahlbom

Spelers: Ulrike Beerbaum, Sebastian Brandes, Monika Dortschy, Kristina Gorjanowa, Ana Gorokhova, Nadja Simchen, Martin Herrmann, Finn Lakeberg, David Schellenberg, Johannes Schmidt Decor: Katrin Bombe Kostuums: Katrin Woltersmann Muziek: Wim Conradi Licht: Sebastian Ahrens Dramaturgie: Malin Nagel Educatie: Felix Berner

Extra’s: Ludwig Schollenberger , Nicole Schmitt , Valentin Seitz , Emily Paefgen , Anja Guckes , Guiseppina Graceffa

Performance dates

Première: 4 October 2015, Staatstheater Mainz (DE)

German performance dates till 27-01-2016