Hoffmann is about to wed Antonia. His friends organise a bachelor party for him in a cafe. Among this group is a man named Lindorf. He pesters Hoffmann, casting doubt on his fidelity and proposes putting Hoffmann’s love to the test. Hoffmann allows himself to be swayed and they leave to go to a funfair. Here Hoffmann sees Olympia, a mechanical doll. Lindorf, who has dark powers, tricks Hoffmann into falling in love with her. But the moment he manages to seduce her, she breaks. They then move on to a high-class brothel, where Hoffmann meets the courtesan Giuditta. She takes away his reflection in exchange for her love. Then Antonia appears before him in a vision. He is ashamed and unable to justify his behaviour towards her. She gives him her heart and dies.



In this adaptation of The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach, Ahlbom has chosen to zoom in on an incident as perceived by main character. We follow Hoffmann on his journey, with the women he meets increasingly resembling that one woman he shall never have. Ahlbom highlights the hidden fears and desires of Hoffmann the poet and reveals to us his complex psyche. He blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, creating a disorientating world in which Hoffmann goes increasingly astray.


Deutsche Oper Berlin invited Jakop to be its guest director in autumn 2013. Ahlbom and the composer Anne Champert created their own highly original arrangement, writing several new compositions to establish their own vision of Hoffmann’s dream and nightmare world. Several members of Ahlbom’s regular cast joined him for this production. Silke Hundertmark and Gwen Langenberg play the reflections of the various female archetypes. Yannick Greweldinger and Reinier Schimmel strengthen the choir with their emphatic physical presence. Ahlboms’s characteristic visual idiom is present in all aspects of Hoffmann – even getting the soloists to play in a strikingly physical style.

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Director: Jakop Ahlbom
Musical arrangement and New compositions: Anne Champert Dramaturge: Dorothea Hartmann, Anne Oppermann Musical director: Jens Holzkamp Stage design: Oliver Helf Dancers: Silke Hundertmark, Yannick Greweldinger, Gwen Langenberg, Reinier Schimmel

Costume design: Susanne Hiller, Katrin Wolfermann
Singers: Alexandra HuttonMatthew Peña/ Paul Kaufmann Seth Carico
Choir: Stephen Barchi, Sunnyboy Dladla, Jamin Flabiano, Carlton Ford, Matthew Newlin, Franz Xaver Scxhlecht, Alvaro Zambrano, ZhengZhong Zhou
Orchestra: musicians from the Deutsche Oper Berlin orchestra

Thanks to: Wilma Kuite, Remco Gianotten
Produced by: Deutsche Oper Berlin and Bayer Kultur

Supported by: Förderkreises der Deutschen Oper Berlin e. V. and Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Holding.

Performance dates

No current performances

World premiere: 18 September 2013, Tischlerei, Berlin

19, 20, 23 September 2013

15, 16 April 2014

24 May 2014, Leverkusen

6, 7, 8 May 2015, Tischlerei, Berlin