Innenschau (2010)


A woman and a man make love. They get dressed and go to a party together. While there, the woman goes missing. The man is convinced that she was murdered, and wants to find the killer. He saw her with another man by the name of Priznan. The man pursues Priznan to find out what happened. His jealousy takes on obsessive proportions. He meets other women; he is beaten up, arrested and even becomes a suspect in his own wife’s disappearance. Who is Priznan? His quest spirals into a sinister tale. The man finds himself in eerie world where he cannot be sure if his own memory is reliable. What really happened and what didn’t?



Ahlbom plays on the doubt about whether the man is denying his reality and retreating into his own imagination. Are our observations actually based on reality? He allows his characters to crawl ever deeper under their own and each other’s skin, only to discover what they have always feared: that there is nothing more than an abyss – one in which you easily lose yourself. In this universe, people are driven by their fantasies and secret desires. Film noir with live music by Alamo Race Track.


Ahlbom’s dark world in this play was inspired by Traumnovelle, a novella by Arthur Schnitzler about obsessive jealousy and the irresistible power of seduction, the confrontation with one’s own weaknesses, and moral decay.

Innenschau was the opening play of the International Young Directors Program at the Salzburger Festspiele 2010 (

Innenschau won the 2009/2010 Toneelkijker Award and the Theater aan het Spui Audience Award for the best play of the season.

In the media

“There is a fantastic casualness to the way the absurdity is presented as entirely normal.”
de Volkskrant
“Innenschau grabs you by the throat … drags you into a pitch black world. It’s like being caught up in some awful, feverish dream from which you can’t escape. … First and foremost, Jakop Ahlbom addresses the audience’s feelings: its deepest fears.”
De Telegraaf
“Delightfully absurd, dreamlike scenes alternate with thriller-style sections. … Plenty of dance, acrobatics and circus acts … gorgeous dream imagery, with a good dose of rock music from Alamo Race Track.”
Haarlems Dagblad
“Jakop Ahlbom makes real theatre magic. … There’s no logic, but the causality compels you to go along with this brain twister packed with thriller style moments. … Here, the craziness we saw in Vielfalt has grown more grim with a big dose of surrealism of the more austere kind – à la Magritte. Behind each outline of a desire looms the spectre of the void, something Ahlbom is marvellously successful in rendering on stage.”
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Concept and Direction: Jakop Ahlbom
Scenario: Jakop Ahlbom, Jeroen van den Berg
Dramaturge: Jeroen van den Berg
Cast: Yannick Greweldinger, Judith Hazeleger, Kelly Hirina, Silke Hundertmark, Peter Kádár, Pieter van Loon, Minka Maria Parkkinen, Reinier Schimmel,
Music: Alamo Race Track (Jelte van Andel, Robin Buijs,
Leonard Lucieer, Ralph Mulder)

Stage design and Light: Daniël Ament

Costumes: Zita Winnubst, Nicolien de Jong

Lighting design: Stefan Dijkman

Management and Sales: Alles voor de Kunsten/ Meeke Beumer, Wilma Kuite
Director’s assistant: Jacqueline Boot

Technicians: Sjef van de Ven, Dirk Houthoff, Julia Clark, Thijs Wijnands

Set makers: Brinkman Decor Zaandam
Spray-painting: Aart van Hunen

Special effects: Airworks, Rob’s Propshop

Acrobatics trainers: Olympia Circus; Frans Paul la Crois and Alexander Chevartchenko

Production: Janneke den Engelsen, Markell Helmann

Publicity: Eva Schneider

Poster and flyer: Studio Niels Megens
Photography: Arjan Benning
Stage photography: Stephan van Hesteren

Thanks to: Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, Judith Wendel, De Vechtclub, Excelsior Records, Swingstreet, Johan Schokker

Made possible by financial support from: Performing Arts Fund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Performance dates

No current performances

Première: 12 February 2010, Toneelschuur, Haarlem
Performance period: 27 January to 2 May 2010
29, 30, 31 July 2010: Opening play of the International Young Directors Program at the Salzburger Festspiele
August 2010: Lowlands

Foreign performances:
2010: 27 t/m 31 jul Salzburg (AUT) the Republic
2011: 26, 27 aug Helsinki (Fi) Korjaamo