Innenschau [Revisited] (2018)


“We need the excuse of a fiction, to stage what we truly are.” (Slavoj Žižek)

In Innenschau [Revisited] we follow an obsessively jealous husband. He is possessed by the idea that his free-spirited wife is coveted by other men and wants to protect her in the name of love. Fuelled by his own sexual frustrations and aggression he enters a dark delusional state, where it becomes impossible to separate truth from lies. As if in a nocturnal odyssey, he travels through the dark recesses of his subconscious and comes to a startling, irreversible discovery …

Innenschau (German): introspection, inward looking observation of your own mental processes.


Using his own unique imagery, director Jakop Ahlbom in Innenschau [Revisited], reveals an eerie world where we no longer know whether our memories are true or if our observations are actually based on reality. With strong physical imagery, in which movement, dance and illusionism are interwoven, and with scintillating live music from indie-pop band Alamo Race Track, Ahlbom presents us with a surrealistic theater thriller in which nothing is what it seems.

Innenschau [Revisited] is a remake of Innenschau originally presented by Jakop Ahlbom & Jeroen van de Berg in 2010.
Jakop Ahlbom Company thanks especially the Innenschau 2010 artistic team: Jeroen van den Berg, Robin Buijs, Stefan Dijkman, Kelly Hirina, Nicolien de Jong, Peter Kadar, Pieter van Loon, Minka Parkkinen and Zita Winnubst.

In the media

“Innenschau grabs you by the throat. Jakop Ahlbom draws you into a pitch-black world. It’s as if you find yourself in a feverish nightmare and you don’t know how to escape”.
de Telegraaf (Innenschau 2010)
“The carelessness with which the absurd is presented and accepted as normal, is fantastic.
De Volkskrant (Innenschau 2010)
“In his new production ‘Innenschau’ there are Hitchcock Kafkaesque touches to an investigation into the background to human desires. There’s no logic but a causality that forces you to join in this brain cracker packed with elements of a thriller.”
Trouw (Innenschau 2010)
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Director and concept: Jakop Ahlbom

Husband: Reinier Schimmel
His Wife: Silke Hundertmark
Women: Kami-Lynne de Bruin, Judith Hazeleger, Gwen Langenberg
Men / detectives: Luc van Esch, Yannick Greweldinger
Bartender: Sofieke de Kater

Music Alamo Race Track
Guitar, pedal steel: Leonard Lucieer
Vocals, guitar: Ralph Mulder
Drum: Thomas van den Berg
Cello: Jelte van Andel

Dramaturgy: Judith Wendel
Costume design: Nicky Nina de Jong
Lighting design: Yuri Schreuders
Scenography: Daniel Ament
Sound design: Thomas Koopmans

Head Technician: Tom Vollebregt
Lighting technician: Alfred van der Meulen
Sound technician: Allard Vonk
Decor / props: Remco Gianotten
Chauffeur / engineer: Michel van der Weijden
Technical coordinator: Prem Scholte Albers
Scene Photography: Sanne Peper
Production manager and tour manager: Sarah Faye van der Ploeg
PR / Marketing: Marjo Buijs
Business management: Michiel Nannen (interim)
Sales: Alles voor de kunsten

With thanks to: Gale Rama, Jeroen van den Berg, Anke Lambrechts, Kyra Wessel, Janneke van Meer, Dinie Bombeeck

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