Le Bal

The dancing event of the century

The dancing event of the century

We are in a dance hall. This is the place where everyone can let go. Giving in to the intoxication of the moment, while an entire century passes by. All visitors to the dance hall are keen to leave reality behind and follow their dreams.

Taking the audience on a nostalgic journey, Le Bal illustrates the cultural, societal and political changes that have taken place over the last one hundred years. This dazzling and magnificent physical performance full of humour and live music brings you great stories of love and passion, jealousy and betrayal, despair and hope.

Theatre producer Jakop Ahlbom was inspired by the Italian/French film ‘Le Bal’(1983) by Ettore Scola when he created Le Bal. This film is based on the 1981 play by Jean-Claude Penchenat and his Théatre du Champagnol.

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Direction: Jakop Ahlbom
Cast: Sue-Ann Bel, Jonathan Brito, Nhung Dam, Luc van Esch, Yannick Greweldinger, Silke Hundertmark, Sofieke de Kater, Gwen Langenberg, Steyn de Leeuwe, Reinier Schimmel, Bodine Sutorius
Music direction: Leonard Lucieer
Live music: Alamo Race Track with Jelte van Andel, Thomas van den Berg, Leonard Lucieer, Ralph Mulder
Dramaturge: Judith Wendel
Lighting design: Yuri Schreuders
Stage design: Jakop Ahlbom
Costume design: Esmée Thomassen
Dresser and assistant costume design: Kyra Wessel
Make-up and hair: Nienke Algra
Sound design: Thomas Koopmans with Toon Boland
Special effects
: Douwe Hibma
Building stage design: Brandwacht en Meijer & Douwe Hibma
Technical Coordination: Tom Vollebregt
Technical crew: Toon Boland, Niels Dalebout (intern), Renate Hofkens, Alfred van der Meulen, Allard Vonk, Michel van der Weijden
Technical partners: Event Light, Levtec, Pieter Smit, Relight, Showtex, Theatex
Special props: Robs Prop Shop
Singing coach: Mo Marcus
Dance trainers: Lex Bruinsma, Kristine Galiher, Thomas Krikken, Erik Bos, Doortje Peters
Production management: Sarah Faye van der Ploeg
Co-producer: Theater de Meervaart
Thanks to: Anika Abbing, All Arts, Ruben Arents, Dietwin Benedictus, Gerdie Borghuis (and students of the Reinwardt Academy), Dubois Accountants, Andreas Fleischmann, Henk van Grinsven, Judith Hazeleger, Eva Koopmans, Menno Kuijper, Ruben Maes, Thomas van Ouwerkerk, Jacco van Pel, Wouter Potma, Pepijn van der Sanden, Joris Smid, Femke Starrenburg, Jordy Veenstra, Edwin van der Veldt, Joep Veling, Henk Versteeg, Helga Voets, Maarten Jan de Vrede, Sjors Vriens, Delilah Warcup-van Eyck, Zita Winnubst, Woedy Woet, Jelle Zijlstra