Two men are living together in a single tiny room. They have ingenuously solved the problem of lack of space. All the furniture has multiple functions: the bed doubles as a piano and the bookcase serves as a fridge. And to compensate for the absence of a woman, the pair create a mechanical cleaning lady. But it soon becomes clear that she has no intention of quietly going about her chores. This doll has opinions of her own. Tensions mount, and the room starts getting smaller and smaller. The men’s latest invention may be their downfall.

Lebensraum is inspired by the works of actor and filmmaker from the 1920’s, Buster Keaton. Keaton was a pioneer in the worlds of slapstick and physical comedy. At that time, silent movies like Keaton’s were accompanied by classical piano music. This piece is going to be live accompanied by Ralph Mulder and Leonard Lucieer of the band Alamo Race Track.

Jakop Ahlbom won the 2012 VSCD Mime Award at the Dutch Theatre Festival for Lebensraum. Silke Hundertmark, who plays the doll in Lebensraum, made history by being the first actress in a nonspeaking part to be nominated for the prestigious Colombina award.

From the jury’s report: ‘Jakop Ahlbom has proven once again that his approach to merging styles produces beautiful drama. He knows exactly how to blend all these elements to create a surprising, estranging, moving and overpoweringly funny work of art. Lebensraum is a valuable step in the impressive oeuvre that Jakop Ahlbom had built up over the past decade.’

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Director: Jakop Ahlbom
Dramaturge: Judith Wendel
Performers: Jakop Ahlbom/Yannick Greweldinger, Silke Hundertmark/Jagoda Bobrowska, Reinier Schimmel, Leonard Lucieer, Empee Holwerda
Music: Alamo Race Track
Decor: Douwe Hibma and Jakop Ahlbom
Technical crew: Allard Vonk, Yuri Schreuders, Michel van der Weijden
Props: Rob Hillenbrink/Robs propshop
Hair and make-up:
Anabel Urquijo Claveria
performance photography:
Sanne Peper
Business director & international sales: 
Marc Pil
Thanks to: Wilma Kuite/Alles voor de Kunsten en Remco Gianotten