Man met Hoed (2009)

Man met Hoed (Man with hat)  (10+) is a very special mixture of circus, theatre, dance and visual arts, produced by  Boost producties and directed by Jakop Ahlbom. A man with hat and a dress on waves around the room on a chandelier. All of a sudden he lets go and falls on the ground. The door opens and different sides of himself walk in.

With all kinds of physical and visual tricks the main characters are trying to find their true identity. The performance is staged in small room with nine hats and a coat rack. But who is the most dominant? And what if the female side gets the upper hand? will he become a she?

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“Een heerlijk spektakel.” – De Volkskrant ★★★★

“Dans, acrobatiek, illusionisme, slapstick en suspense wisselen elkaar moeiteloos af.” – De Telegraaf ★★★

“We zijn gekomen voor het nieuwe circus en dat krijgt het hooggeëerd het publiek hier volop.” – Parool ★★★


Initiatief: Boost producties 
Concept en regie: Jakop Ahlbom
Circusregie: Lennie Visser
Artiesten: Galatee Auzanneau, Marieke Thijssen, Aurel Renault, Marius Pohlmann en David Mupanda.