The open call is closed for 2021-2022

Are you a maker or a mime maker and do you have a clear research question? Then we can offer you guidance, time and a budget to help you develop your skills and talents.

At Jakop Ahlbom Company we firmly believe in the power of imagination. We invite our audience to step into unknown worlds. We work with a comprehensive approach to the genre of mime, combining various forms including slapstick, dance, music, illusionism and special effects to create a physical and visual performance. There is not much hierarchy in our Company and we are working with a core team of 8 people. We are based in Weesp, the Netherlands. We create performances that reach a large, richly varied and international audience all around the world.

Studio Jakop Ahlbom is the talent development programme of our Company. We are keen to contribute to developing mime as an art form in the Netherlands.

The new edition of this programme starts after the summer of 2021. We are offering you guidance to carry out your own research and we offer a modest budget. You will also have the opportunity to find out how the Jakop Ahlbom Company is organised, by going on tour with us, attending our team meetings, finding out more about our educational programmes and workshops. To summarise, this is a programme that will give you the opportunity to further develop your talents as a professional maker.

Who are we looking for?

Are you curious to learn more about the Jakop Ahlbom Company? And about our way of working? Have you not worked with us before? Do you recognise yourself in the following requirements? If you work as a duo/collective, we are also looking for the two of you.

  • You create physical and visual performances and you are developing your own unique style as a theatre maker.
  • You are looking for ways in which you can translate your stories into images and how you can develop your own working method in more detail.
  • You are able to work independently, plan your own work flexibly and you have enough time available to take part in this programme.
  • In close consultation with us you will determine what this programme will look like in terms of content, organisation and finances. You have the drive to develop your own vision.
  • You have successfully completed an art/theatre college (either at vocational level or at higher eduction level) or you have reached a similar level of professional experience. Have you only just started out in the field or do you already have some more experience? We are open to both options.

It is important for this talent development programme that you have already created your own work and that you have a strong drive to develop this further and take it to the next level.

What do we offer you in this programme?

  • The Jakop Ahlbom Company gives you support in terms of content and production, allowing you to carry out your own research. There is also a limited budget available.
  • You will be given the option of finalising the first part of the programme with a presentation for an audience.
  • If we are both satisfied with the collaboration and there are clear signs for developing your talents further, then you will begin to make a short performance in 2022. You will again receive support in terms of content and production and an initial budget to start with. You will also apply for more funding so you will raise your own production budget.
  • Jakop Ahlbom Company is the co-producer and together we will investigate the options of a short tour.

How can you apply?

Are you interested? Then we would like to receive the following information about you or about the two of you if you are a duo:

  • What do you want to do? In this talent development programme you will continue to develop your own vision. This is why we would like to receive a plan, proposal or research question. What do you want to find out, what are you fascinated about, why is physical theatre the language that you (or the two of you) express yourself in?
  • Why do you want to do this at Studio Jakop Ahlbom? We are interested in your reasons for being motivated to take part in this particular talent development programme. We would like to receive a clear explanation as to what steps you wish to take in this programme, and why you specifically want to take part in this programme at Studio Jakop Ahlbom.
  • Who are you? It is important for this programme that you have previously made a production yourself. Explain who you are as a maker, why do you make the productions you make, and what are the projects you have worked on in the past? If you work closely together with other makers, please explain why you collaborate, what you are looking for and what projects you initiated in the past. Please give examples to illustrate your answers.

Please submit your proposal before 15 April 2021 using the button below.
We will chose a maximum of 5 makers from the applications we receive. On Saturday 1 May 2021 we will work together and talk to the 5 applicants we select. We will then select one plan based on this day. This is the maker (or these are the makers) who we will start the talent development programme with.

In a country where so many different languages are spoken, we are offering a universal language on the stage: the language of images and movement. We are a mime company with room for differences. To us, diversity and inclusion are of major added value and we believe in a broad representation including gender, educational level, cultural background, religion, sexual identity, and age.